b'ADVERTORIALPhoto: OisansUropePhoto: VaujanyOTPhoto: Alpe dHuezL. SalinoPhoto: ChartreuseD. BoudinPhoto: ChamrousseImages-et-nives.prPhoto: Villard de LansUropeVILLARD DE LANS / CORRENON LES 7 LAUX CHAMROUSSE SAINT PIERRE DE CHARTREUSEWHATS IT LIKE? WHATS IT LIKE? WHATS IT LIKE? WHATS IT LIKE?Villard is a pleasant, large,Extensively remodelled over theThis hidden gem resort locatedThough Saint Pierre is the traditional ski town that shares apast decade, Les Sept Laux isin the belledonne region of Isrelargest resort in the Chartreuse ski area with its pretty neighboura group of three resorts in theis a fantastic value alternative forrange it only has 35km of runs. Correnon en Vercors. Night lifeBelledonne massif 35 km fromfamilies and beginners right onJust 30 mins from Grenoble, its is lively and snow cover boostedGrenoble. Prapoutel is the urbanthe doorstep of Grenoble withperfect for a weekend ski break by extensive snow-making.hub hosting the usual amenities. super short transfer times. or first-time ski holiday.AND FOR BEGINNERS? AND FOR BEGINNERS? AND FOR BEGINNERS? AND FOR BEGINNERS?There are two large beginnerIt has three beginner sectors andChamrousse 1700 Villages duSurrounded by mountain peaks domains on Villard Cte 2000a beginner ski pass. It also offersBachat is the special beginnersand forests, Saint Pierre is and Correnon, and some gooda snowboarding experience forarea, withgreen and blue slopesespecially suitable for children progression pistes. The manykids from 2 to 7 years old, withand easy lifts. You will also findand beginners, A gondola off-slope activities includean accessible and fun playgrounda kids sledging area. Specialrises to the ski area with two archery, bowling evenings,to learn about snowboarding.offers for newcomers include abeginner spaces and eight green ballooning, luge and anBags of off-slope fun makes thisWelcome to beginners packageruns. Snowshoeing is a popular entertaining Puppet Museum. a very family-friendly choice. from 20 March19 April 2020. pastime for families here. SNOWMAGAZINE.COM145Learn to ski in Isere Roger edit_JW_PROOF TO ISERE.indd 145 17/10/2019 16:03'