b'GET YOUR HEART GOINGLEARN TO SKI: Even if you are planning to stick to cruisy blue pistes, youll still need good stamina for a week GET FIT FOR YOURof skiing. To get skit, aim to do cardio work (which will raise your heart rate) at least three times a week, for between 20 FIRST SKI HOLIDAY and 60 minutes. In the gym, try a spin classthis will work your lower body at the same time as your heart. Cross trainers and stair machines also o er better preparation for skiing Get yourtness levels up to scratch before yourst hit thethan running on aat treadmill. snow with our top tips and exercises for ski-ready muscles. Outside, running up and down hills will naturally work your body in a similar way to skiing.FOUR MOVES TO GET SKI FIT SQUATS PLANKS LUNGES CRUNCHESSquats mimic the motionPractising planks helpsLunges strengthen glutesCrunches strengthen of skiing and are idealto create a strong core,and quads for strong,your core, essential for for strengthening legswhich is key for moresturdy ski legs. Start inski balance. Lie down with and glutes. Stand updemanding skiing. Resta standing position andyour lower back pressed straight with your feeton your elbows and toesstep forwards with oneinto theoor. With hands wider apart than yourand push up your hips sofoot, keeping your hipsbehind your head, raise shoulders,ex your kneesthey are aligned with theand upper body straight,your shoulders and upper and squat down low,rest of your body. Workthen return to standingback. Hold for a few keeping knees alignedup to holding your plankand lunge forward withseconds before relaxing and arms outstretched.for longer each time.the other leg.back down. 148SNOWMAGAZINE.COMSki Fitness_RF_JW_SC_NEEDS IMAGE CHANGE.indd 148 17/10/2019 16:26'