b'SKI FITNESSWEIGHT FOR ITFIND YOUR BALANCE THINK FLEXIBLY GO SKIINGConditioning, or weight training,Balance is, unsurprisingly,Make sure you stretch properlyUltimately, the best way to helps to strengthen the musclesextremely important for skiingafter any workout. Cooling downcondition your body for skiing youll use for skiing. As youlland boarding. To increase yourthe muscles keeps themexible,is skiing! A few trips to your spend most of the time withstability and reduce the chancestrong and healthy, and helps tonearest dry slope or indoor your legs bent on skis, squatsof falling over, spend somemaintain a good range of motionsnow centre before you brave and lunges are the go-to moves.time perfecting your posturein the joints. If you dont stretch,the slopes are invaluable both Theyll prepare your quads,and core strength. One helpfulyour muscles can shorten andfor getting skit as well as hamstrings and glutes for thosetechnique is to close your eyestighten, increasing the injury risk.learning the basics. Think of your thigh-burning descents, andand stand on one leg for twoYoga postures are another greatlocal dry slope or snow dome as will also engage your core andminutes, then repeat with theway to warm down.a ski gym.stabilise your legs. Dont neglectother leg. Do this up to three your ski-carrying arms, though,times a week. Once you feel TO GET SKI FIT AIM TO DO SOME especially if youre a beginner.comfortable and have stopped Get ski-ready arms by factoringwobbling, you can take it to the in some bicep curls, tricepnext level by brushing your teethCARDIO WORK AT LEAST THREE dips and press-ups into yourat the same time or adding kneeTIMES A WEEK regular workout.bends into the mix.SNOWMAGAZINE.COM149Ski Fitness_RF_JW_SC_NEEDS IMAGE CHANGE.indd 149 17/10/2019 16:26'