b'LEARN TO SKI:WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A SKI RESORT Youve booked your holiday in the Alpsnow what? Our guide to descending on yourrst ski town explains how to navigate a winter resort. Ski resorts can be quite strange places ifmountains, so that they can careen back the closest youve been to the white stu down di erent pistes, which areattened in your life is a snowght in your local park.(or groomed) into easy-to-ski paths. These Ski towns can be centuries old and full oflink together in a network a bit like a tube gorgeous old Alpine cabins, or they can besystem. You can also hop on some lifts modern clusters of slick hotels and bars.without your skis and simply go hiking or to Either way, the ski resort will usually bea mountain restauranteven if you just go clustered around or near a system of liftsto the top in your trainers, its worth it for that carry skiers and boarders up into theincredible views of the mountains. HOW TO READ A PISTE MAPPistes are colour-coded, usually as weveGREEN suitable for learners and lessons, explained on the right. Diculty is assignedalso known as nursery slopes and usually on how steep the pistes gradient is, andfound in France.doesnt take into account how narrow itBLUE beginner.might be. Like with all sports, the best way toRED- intermediate.build con dence is to work up to each level. IfBLACK advanced. its yourrst day of lessons, expect to start onDOUBLE BLACK usually found in North nursery slopes. Ask your instructor to markAmerica and Australia and pretty hardcore. which pistes they think would work for yourYELLOW established o -piste/ungroomed level before you venture oon your own.routes that may or may not be patrolled. 150SNOWMAGAZINE.COMWhat to expect ski resort Roger edit_JW_SC_needs image.indd 150 17/10/2019 16:54'