b'WHAT TO EXPECTBUYING A LIFT PASS PISTE ETIQUETTETo get onto ski lifts youll need a liftyour pass and lets you through. YouRide on pistes within your pass. This is a plastic card you keep incan buy passes online or in person atability and at speeds you can control.that skinny pocket on your sleeve thata lift oce, but the easiest option is toLook for riders coming from above you you wondered what was for. Each liftarrange one with your tour operatorbefore joining a piste.has a gate that automatically readsso its ready when you arrive in resort.Watch out for skiers and snowboarders in front of you, especially wobbly beginners, and only overtake them if you have plenty of space. Skiers SKI & SNOWBOARD RENTALS in front have right of way. If its yourrst time learning to skiweight and ability. They come withObey all posted signs and warnings.youll need to head to a rental shopbindings attachedyour boots clipNever stop in the in the resort when you arrive. First,into these. If skiing, youll also needmiddle of the piste.youll be issued with ski or snowboardski poles. Most outlets o er deals for boots. Next youll betted with skisweek-long hiresincluding helmetsor a snowboard to match your height,and booking ahead can be cheaper. APRS SKI its what you do after younish skiing IF YOUVE EVER STOOD IN A BAR This is the easy bit. Basically, if youve ever stood in a bar drinking beer whilefor the day. You come othe slopesDRINKING BEER, YOU very loud music plays so you have toand head for the nearest bar, leaveCAN DO APRS-SKI shout to make yourself heard, you canyour skis outside and go in, in your ski do aprs-ski, which, literally meansboots. You might even dance in your after-ski. Thats because in ski resortsski boots if youre so inclined.TYPES OF SKI LIFTSCHAIRLIFTSYou stand in your skis and wait for the chair to come up behind you and then you sit, and pull the safety bar down. If youre boarding, take your back foot out of your binding. To get oat the top, lift up the safety bar and as your skis touch the ground, lean forwards and move othe chair and away.GONDOLASThese enclosed cabins vary in size but usually allow you to store your skis or board in slots on the outside of the cabin and then sit or stand inside, climbing out again and grabbing your equipment when the doors open at the top lift station. CABLE CARSThese carry a large number of passengers at once between two lift stations. Skiers and boarders get in and out carrying their equipment, so theyre easy to use. They can get crowded and you do need to avoid poking your neighbour with a ski pole. They wont appreciate it.DRAG LIFTSAs the name suggests, these simply drag you up the mountain on your skis or snowboard. They are usually found on beginner slopes. Youre likely to see button lifts, in which you put a round seat between your legs, and T-Bars, which have a large T-frame as a seat, which can take two people. MAGIC CARPETSBeginner areas often have magic carpets, which are travelator-style belts that you simply step on and owhile wearing your skis or snowboard. They usually move very slowly, so you have plenty of time to hop on.SNOWMAGAZINE.COM151What to expect ski resort Roger edit_JW_SC_needs image.indd 151 17/10/2019 16:54'