b'ACTIVITIES4. FAT BIKINGWho says you cant ride a bike on fresh snow? Fat bikes are one of the newest designs to take the cycling world by storm, and their hefty, mountain bike-like wide tyres trundle e ortlessly over ice and snow without blinking, opening up ski resorts to bike fans all year round. Seek out your resorts cycle shopmany now rent out fat bikes all winter. Great fortness, and for exploring further a eld. 5. PARAGLIDINGIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Theres nothing like the weightless feeling ofying that youll experience if you step oa mountain attached to a paragliding wing. Theres no experience needed in order to try winter paragliding, eitherjust courage (oh, and an instructor seated behind you to help you steer). Tandemights are increasingly popular o erings in ski resorts, and taking 1. HIKING & SNOWSHOEING to the skies 1,000 metres above a white-Hiking isnt just reserved for summer - winterclad mountain valley, riding currents and is the perfect season to get out into thelooking down on tiny Alpine villages below, mountains on foot. Most ski resorts have well- is a once-in-a-lifetime delight.signposted hiking trails meandering through stunning valleys and mountain passesthe only di erence in winter is that the trail may6, SPEND A NIGHT IN AN IGLOObe covered in a white blanket of fresh snow.Wrap up warmthe coolest way (quite If its deep, rent some snow shoes (basket- literally) to sleep in the mountains on a ski like frames that attach to your boots andholiday is in an igloo. Snow and ice shelters spread your weight more evenly on snow) inin all shapes and sizes, from simple huts your local resort. Then head out on the trail,to incredibly ornate ice hotels, now pop breathe in the crisp, dry air, spot wildlife andup in ski resorts around the world every enjoy the peace and quiet. winter. Theyre surprisingly cosy, too, and are often furnished with reindeer furs and 2. HUSKY SLEDDING comfortable beds. Ice cool.Mush! Dog lovers heading to the Alps may end up falling in love with the ultimate mode of winter travelhusky sledding. RushingFAT BIKES RIDE EFFORTLESSLY through the snow on a sled pulled by a keenOVER ICE AND SNOW, team of working dogs is an incredible wayOPENING UP SKI RESORTS TO to explore a winter landscape, but arguably the best bit of a husky sledding ride is gettingCYCLISTS ALL YEAR ROUNDto meet (and cuddle) your team of friendly huskies after your journey. Many resorts o er day or even multi-day husky adventures. 3. TOBOGANNINGSpeed demons can get their kicks othe slopes, too. Many resorts are home to long toboggan runs that are as exhilerating for adults as they are for littler thrill seekers. Many routes are a great way to explore the mountains or the forest without strapping on skis, or you can ski all day andt in a toboggan ride before you aprs, as most toboggan routes stay open in the evening after the slopes close. Gnarlier routes can be a challengeget ready to careen round corners and steer at speed. SNOWMAGAZINE.COM1536 Other activities SL_JW_SC.indd 153 17/10/2019 14:38'