b'LEARN TO SKI:SIX REASONSTO START SKIING Theres no excuse not to hit the pistes this winterweve got six key reasons why you should get into snowsports as fast as you can pull on your ski or snowboard boots. 1. OPEN FOR ALLSkiings reputation as a sport strictly for the well-monied has, thankfully, been transformed in the last few decades by some amazing athletes and the advent of more affordable snow trips. It can still be pretty expensive to head to the Alps for a week (although wed argue that a snowsports holiday is well worth saving up for) but there are often2. INCREDIBLE DESTINATIONS 3. THE SOCIAL NETWORKgreat deals up for grabs, particularly ifTheres little more magical thanFew sports can boast the kind of you dont go in peak season and avoidracing through deep virgin snow andsocial scene you find in snowsports. the busiest resorts. There are otherleaving a set of fresh tracks behindThe aprs-ski (French for after ski) ways you can get your fix of the pistes,you as you swoosh past ice-clad treesscene and friendly international too, including seasonnaire work,and distant mountain ranges. Skiingcrowd in every mountain townuniversity and ski club trips or headingand snowboarding open up otherwisemakes it very easy to ski all day and to indoor and dry slopes in the UK.remote and untouchable mountainsplay all night. Theres an aprs scene and turn them into a playground.for everyone, too, from raucous From wide-open glaciers to remoteclubbing and dancing right on forest runs and from chocolate-boxthe pistes to laid-back traditional Swiss villages to New Zealands activerestaurants and cosy wine bars in volcanoes and Japans juhyo (literallypretty mountain villages. Skiing the ice monsters - beautiful snow- next morning is the perfect way to clad trees), the scenery is endlesslyshake off the inevitable hangover,inspiring and youll never get boredand remember, you dont have to of exploring new mountain ranges onski hard to aprs hard Round of skis or a snowboard.Jgerbombs, anyone? YOULL NEVER GET BORED OF EXPLORING NEW MOUNTAIN RANGES ON SKIS ORA SNOWBOARD 136SNOWMAGAZINE.COMSix Reasons Learn to Ski_RF_JW_SC.indd 136 17/10/2019 19:53'