b'REASONS TO SKI4. FIT FOR ANYTHINGSkiing and snowboarding are brilliant ways to get fit while having so much fun that you dont even notice its happening. Both are aerobic endurance pursuits and theyll tone your glutes and legs, work your core, improve your balance and increase your heart rate. Ski at a good clip and you might burn up to 700 calories an hour, and tearing down pistes non-stop is great for increasing your endurance for any sport. Labouring up the slopes by foot at your first lesson? Console yourself by remembering that at least youre getting a great cardiovascular workout, too. 5. THE CALL OF THE6. ITS NOT JUST ABOUT BACKCOUNTRY DOWNHILLThe amazing photos you see of proNot sure if speedy downhill is your snowboarders launching themselvesbag? Worry not, there are many other down empty mountain passes areways to enjoy yourself in ski resorts. taken off-piste, also known as theSnowshoeing is an lovely way to backcountry if youre really headingexplore the mountain along peaceful into the hills. The tantalising goal oftracks without the breakneck descents, getting off-piste is a great incentiveand gives you a better chance to spot for a newbie skier to put the hourswinter wildlife. Almost all resorts these in and progress your skills untildays have a myriad of activities on the entire mountain is your oyster.offer off the slopes, from ice skating to Technically, youre off-piste if you playice climbing and bobsleigh runs to fat in the deeper snow on the edges ofbiking or even ski joering (being pulled marked pistesthis is the easiest andby a horse on your skis) and husky sled safest way to try it. If youre ready forrides. Fancy some pampering? Youll some proper off-the-grid off-piste,never be far from a spa or yoga class hire a local guide to take you.either! SNOWMAGAZINE.COM137Six Reasons Learn to Ski_RF_JW_SC.indd 137 17/10/2019 19:53'