b'LEARN TO SKI:NEW TO SKI:SKI VERSUS BOARD Olympic skier Graham Bell and sports presenter Ed Leigh go head to head to argue which is betterskiing or snowboarding.The first question youll need to ask yourself is whether to skior board. Snowboarding used to be the cooler one, but theup-and-coming young freestylers have made skiing just as cool and todays fat skis make the whole mountain accessible.Best solution? Try both and see which works for you!WHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO SKI, BY GRAHAM BELL1 Skiing has amazing symmetry, letting you turn in either direction with style and grace. 2 Theres no faffing around unstrapping at chairlifts with skisjust click in and go all day. 3 Skiing is a more versatile way to get around on varied terrain than snowboarding, and you will never getWHY YOU SHOULD LEARN TO stuck on a flat.SNOWBOARD, BY ED LEIGH4 With fat skis for powder and twin1Snowboard boots are ridiculously tips for freestyle, theres nothing thatcomfortable compared to ski boots.you cannot do on a snowboard that2 Everything thats good about you cant do better on skis.modern skiing was copied from 5 Alpine skiing was invented by thesnowboarding.British, whereas the Americans came3 Snowboarding gives you the up with snowboarding!effortless, floating feeling of surfing over snow. 4 You only need to learn one technique when snowboarding, rather than trying to master snowplough, stem christie (a turning technique in skiing) and parallel turns as a new skier.5 Did I mention the boots are like wearing trainers?138SNOWMAGAZINE.COMSki v Board Roger edit_JW_SC.indd 138 17/10/2019 19:53'