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Revolutionary new design offers ‘instant’ protection on impact.

anti ordinary a1

Two Australian engineers have developed the world’s first ‘beanie helmet’ – The ANTI Ordinary A1. The revolutionary snow helmet is made of non-Newtonian materials that are soft and comfortable while being worn and look exactly like a normal beanie, but harden instantly upon impact to be at least as safe as a rigid snow helmet.

The co-founders, both in their early 20s, from Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane created the ANTI Ordinary A1 with the hope of keeping skiers and snowboarders safer on the slopes, as they look to prevent head injuries while offering a more comfortable and stylish alternative to those on the market.

Further, following the launch of the snow helmet, ANTI Ordinary are looking to launch medical helmets made specifically for those at risk of falls, such as those with epilepsy.

The ANTI Ordinary A1 will launch on Kickstarter on 14 January 2019, with pre-registration already underway here: