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snurfboardIs it a snowboard? Is it a surfboard? No, it’s a snurfboard! In the latest instalment from Signal Snowboards’ Every Third Thursday project, the inventive Californian manufacturer has created a board that can both snowboard and surf. Well, pretty much…

While many boarders may have a couple of snowboards in their bag – one for powder, one for the park perhaps – most surfers have more than a couple surfboards in their quiver. But what if there was just one board that could see you from summer to winter and back again?

The team at Signal Snowboards have created just that, and have made the video below to show just how they did it.

Starting with a surfboard shaper, they embedded a snowboard deck into the much wider surfboard. Using an aluminium base for the snowboard, they have no idea how, or even if, it will glide on snow.

To test the invention, the Signal team take the finished board to Rob Machado, one of the world’s top surfers and the Pacific waves. His verdict? “I like this real low rocker. It carves real good,” said Machado.

It was then pro snowboarder Curtis Ciszek’s turn to test the snurfboard on the slopes of British Columbia. Strapping on bindings, he makes tracks through powder-filled glades.

And you know what? It just about works. Maybe it’s time to downsize the collection of boards.

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