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An innovative new heat mouldable ski boot liner has been launched by Skiset, who believe they could change ski boot rental forever.

Skiset, Europe's leading ski and snowboard rental chain, say the boot liners offer a cheaper alternative to buying a pair of ski boots.

'With the Skiset ski boot liner we are offering skiers the opportunity to experience all the benefits of owning their own boots without the need to actually buy and transport them around,' says Philippe Koiransky, Managing Director of Skiset.

The 'Ski Slipper' can be purchased from Skiset rental locations around Europe (RRP from €69) and can be inserted into rented ski boots to give a more comfortable and hygienic alternative to standard rental options. They can be reused year after year.

Offering a tailored fit only previously possible by owning your own ski boots - with variable foot sizes, foot widths and calf sizes - the boot liners have a heat moldable foot bed that sculpts around your foot through normal usage. The Ski Slipper has been developed for Skiset by Salomon and is available in both male and female versions.

Owners of the boot liners benefit in other ways too, says Koiransky. 'Their rental details are held on the Skiset system so the rental process can be made quicker and more efficient on subsequent visits across our network of shops, whether they have booked independently or through a partner tour operator. We are very excited about introducing this unprecedented solution to the skiing community - a solution for beginners and regular skiers alike.'

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