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use_your_headOnline travel essentials company Essential Travel is offering discounts on insurance policies for skiers and snowboarders willing to wear helmets. The offer – a 15% discount for those wearing head protection – is a first for the UK industry.
In collaboration with mountain sports equipment specialist Ellis Brigham and brain injury charity Headway, Essential Travel are running a ‘Use Your Head’ campaign to encourage skiers and snowboarders to wear head protection after research by the company revealed some shocking statistics. Despite three quarters of ski and snowboard customers reporting having suffered serious accidents, only 40% said they wore a helmet.

After 75% of customers revealed that they would be prepared to wear head protection if insurance discounts were offered, the travel insurance providers launched the pioneering policy discount of 15%, plus a 10% discount on helmets from Ellis Brigham for customers who buy winter sports cover.

‘Even a minor blow to the head can have major consequences,‘ said Peter McCabe, Chief Executive of Headway, ‘and even the most experienced of skiers are at risk of falling at some point during their holiday.

‘By offering reduced premiums, is providing an incentive to its customers to wear a helmet, but the ultimate incentive should be protecting your delicate brain from injury.’

The 2011/2012 season will be the second year of the campaign. After the initiative was launched, 18.2% of people surveyed said they then wore helmets for the first time last year.

‘Following the initial success of our inaugural campaign last year we've decided to take serious action and lead from the front by being the first insurance specialist to offer discounts to skiers and snowboarders willing to wear helmets,’ said Essential Travel’s Stuart Bensusan.

‘An alarmingly high percentage of people are still intent on not wearing helmets and the reality is they save lives.’

More information on the campaign can be found on the dedicated microsite.

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