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The Aergon 3V, is a three piece telescopic ski pole by Leki, which on test proved to be a top performer.

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Overall Score
Weight, construction and releasable hand loops.
Size when collapsed.

The Aergon 3V is a great light weight ski pole, for all conditions and eventualities. It's tough, durable, feels solid when held and offers the perfect flex when planted into the snow, which is admirable as it only weighs 290g/pole.

The two main features which make the Leki Aergon 3V stand out from the crowd are the Trigger S Vertical hand loops and the speed lock 2 adjustment clips. The Trigger S hand loops are the first safety release system for touring poles and are designed to detach from the poles when put under pressure, for example if you get caught up in a tree while forest skiing, or should the worst happen if you get trapped in an avalanche they will release, stopping your arms from being dragged downwards (which can stop you from pulling your airbag release). The chunky adjusters for the Speed Lock 2 clips are easily used with gloves on and have so far held the poles firmly in place without any slip or collapse which we've had experience of on twist lock poles.

The foam extends beyond the handgrip a measured distance down the pole so you can slide your hand down the pole while trekking up hill without needing to grab cold, uninsulated metal.

Telescopic ski poles obviously come with the added benefit of easy storage and this is where the Aergon 3V falls down compared to some of the more compact systems. In fully collapsed storage mode the Aregon 3V are still over a metre long which isn't as compact as some alternatives with different extending and locking systems and can make them a pain to carry and impossible to carry inside most packs.

Overall though the Aergon 3V is a wonderful ski touring pole, perfect for both up and downhill, just with the obvious storage and carrying limitations that are inevitable with this type of pole.

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