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On test, the Ortovox 3+ proved a very easy-to-use avalanche transceiver with basic find and search functions.

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Overall Score
Ease of use and functionality
No ability to unmark a previously marked transceiver

As with all things Ortovox it seems, the 3+ avalanche transceiver is well crafted and of durable design, coming in a well-fitted shoulder strap.

It's the ease of use and functionality that makes this avalanche transceiver stand out, as it does little else than the essential basics of sending and receiving a signal - and if that's what you're looking for, then look no further.

When used in our on snow test, searching for a pre buried/hidden transceiver, the Ortovox 3+ performed brilliantly. Its ease of use and simplistic functionality made for an efficient and fast transfer between transmitting and receiving, while its clear and simple-to-understand on-screen graphics made for a speedy avalanche victim location.

Operated by one AA battery, the 3+ has a simple On/Off switch which also doubles as the removable battery access point. Once turned on, it runs through a series of checks before giving its battery level and starting to transmit. A reassuring pulse graphic shows that it's transmitting okay.

There are two clips on the top, which when slid apart, activate the search setting. Once a signal is located, the distance is displayed in large numbers on the bright screen, accompanied by a loud acoustic bleep, which quickens the closer you get to the victim.

The only other button is on the front, which is used to mark the position of a victim, allowing you to move on to the next if there are multiple burials.

There is a partner check function for testing group members before setting off on a tour, and the Smart Antenna Technology switches automatically between vertical and horizontal signals, virtually cancelling out any flat spots in the signal pick up.

In summary: A basic yet fully operational avalanche transceiver at a fantastic price point.





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