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The SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer is a dry land training device that helps to improve balance and coordination. It's suitable for all levels of skier, from beginner to expert and the highest difficulty level will challenge even the very best athletes.

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Learning how to improve your centred balance, crucial for improving ski technique, in your living room, garden or ski chalet.
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When you first take a look at the SkiA Sweetspot Ski Trainer, you wonder how such a device could possibly help your ski technique. 

The trainer is designed to fit any adult ski boot and the device straps onto the sole easily and without any fuss. If you can already ski then you're tempted to start on the red blocks (there are 4 levels of blocks from green to black), but my advice is to start on the green, even if your name is Bode Miller (Well maybe Body could start on the blue).

Because skiing at a higher level requires very subtle movements to control the skis, your centred balance must be highly tuned. The SkiA Sweetspot Trainer literally trains your body over time to master your centred balance, something which is normally only achieved by professional, full-time skiers. 

Beginners and intermediates can benefit from the trainer as centred balance is crucial for everyone that skis. Racers can fine tune their performance and drill down to those subtle movements that makes all the difference in competitive events. 

I have used the trainer many times now and I still cannot master the red blocks, let alone the black ones. I have genuinely found that when getting back onto skis after using the trainer, your senses are heightened and your turns more precise. It also instils confidence in your turns. 

The manual suggest sessions of around 5 minutes at a time and after that you feel quite tired anyway. If you are missing the feel of balancing on skis at any time of the day or night then just stick 'em on and get training!

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