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We review Dainese's AWA Tech RC - a jacket more feature packed than most, to determine whether it can be considered more than (or even equal to) the sum of it's many parts.
dainese awa tech rc puritan
Overall Score
2-in-1 format offers versatility and good use of the tech
Pricey, fussy and less than the sum of its many parts

Less is more. Unless you work in Dainese's product development department. The AWA Tech RC jacket contains more industry-standard, third-party materials than it does acronyms; Gore Tex waterproof membrane, Primaloft Cross Core synthetic insulation and Polartec Alpha complete the textile triumvirate and a Recco receiver is thrown in for good measure. But is the kitchen-sink approach necessary for anyone?

RC stands for 'Race Carve' and Dainese claim 'the name says it all.' I beg to differ, which is why I'm writing this review.

OK, we all know Gore Tex keeps you dry and is very breathable. Primaloft is genuinely incredible, Polartec adds stretchy and breathable elements and the combination makes for a warm inner jacket in this 2-in-1 offering. The trouble is none of it gives the impression of being necessary or purposeful. It feels like the result of a focus group rather than of listening to skiers' actual needs.

Nevertheless, it works. Of course it does, it's £719.50. The inner jacket is kind of cool with an element of motorcyclist styling, no doubt ingrained in Dainese's heritage, and the knitted effect on the arms gives a unique look. It's almost a shame to cover the inner with the shell portion in a relatively dull black-and-off-white - or as the marketing team have seen fit to call it, Puritan Grey and Stretch Limo.

The fit is naturally of the sharp and flattering Italian variety, and for the right resort-loving, hard carver, this could be the perfect jacket - with the 2-in-1 design adding a really useful versatility which rescues a 'value' point in our scoring.

But it loses two 'overall' points to the marketing patter. Which is a shame as it could be a great purchase for anyone charging the inbounds 100 days a year. Or as Dainese describe them "those who consider skiing... a broader concept, closer to a philosophy of life."

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