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The Atomic Blackeye Ti is a classic all mountain ski for recreational to advanced skiers looking to explore a variety of conditions.

atomic nomad blackeye ti 2015 ski test
All Mountain
Best for
Advanced skiers who stay mainly on-piste but want extra versatility when conditions pull them away from the groomed slopes
160, 167, 174, 181
Overall Score

The Blackeye Ti feels like a classic, all round, all mountain ski for a wide part of the snowsports market who like to mainly ski on-piste but can handle variable terrain such as bumps and powder.

Which is what an all mountain ski should be.

They perform well on groomed slopes, especially at lower speeds, the edge grip is decent and they are versatile enough for most holiday skiers to enjoy them for a week in all conditions.

For someone who wants to improve their carving skills whilst keeping a versatile ski for off-piste on demand then they are ideal, but they do lack a bit of oomph at higher speeds and therefore, considering they are pitched at a more advanced skier, we don't rate them as highly as other in this category.

The wood core construction comes with Atomic's ARC technology with a layer of titanium that strengthens the torsional stiffness. There's an 'all-mountain' rocker in the tip that makes turn initiation easier and add a little extra float in the powder.

One area we really liked these skis in was the moguls and despite the fact they are not that soft in the tip, they are forgiving in the bumps and don't throw you around too much (providing you get your technique right of course)

In the kind of chopped up snow and small bumps you find after a fresh snowfall, they feel light and playful which adds to their overall versatility.

Instructors might also find them a useful work tool to teach with.

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