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We review the Atomic Redster X7 WB to test whether race technology really can be brought to the recreational masses.
atomic x7 wb
Best for
A wide range of piste skiers who value a full day out over high performance
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
A piste ski focussed on making the most of the piste, in all its varied glory
Not very versatile beyond the piste markers, but that's largely to its credit

Atomic's race pedigree has been successfully trickled down to their consumer piste skis for years. And the Redster X series aims to distil that into a tool to make the most of every piste day.

In the race to make a ski that can be all things to all people, versatility has come to mean 'all mountain'. But the majority of skiers actually want something that can keep them charging on the piste all day, and all season, regardless of snow conditions and energy levels. That kind of versatility is where the Redster X7 WB excels.

Its main weapon in this is a Multi Radius Sidecut which means you can bang out short turns but also rail the longer GS turns equally effectively on the same ski. It could be argued that a good skier can do that on any ski, but it is true the Redster X7 WB performs as advertised.

WB stands for 'Wide Body' and while 75mm is by no means 'wide' in the modern sense, it does make the ski a little more adaptable to chopped up pistes and softer snow, which is the aim. The narrower X7 by the way, has slightly less of a sidecut and the X9 model is a touch stiffer, so the model on test has a better turn initiation and is that bit more versatile.

The Redster X7 WB is a very capable piste ski that will work for a wide range of abilities; it's easy to handle but also happy when cranked up. And it's that adaptability that shouldn't be underestimated, after all, a ski that can help you eke out every last minute of the day is more attractive than a high performing specialist ski for many skiers.

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