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The Blizzard Viva 770 is a recreational to advanced level ski for female riders who mainly like to stick to trails but might start venturing off-piste now and again. It particularly likes shorter, snappy turns as we discovered during our 2014 on snow ski test in Austria.

blizzard viva 1
Intermediate, Recreational
All Mountain
Best for
Smooth carving on groomed slopes at high and low speeds
146, 153, 160, 167
Low speed
High speed
Overall Score

Although this is billed as an all-mountain ski, in reality it's more suited to remain firmly on the groomed trails, with the ability to tackle occasional moguls and the odd foray off the sides into the softer snow.

The Viva scored highest for short turns and it's a light and lively, responsive ski that's fun to use on pistes, where it excels at short and medium turns.

In the longer turns and off-piste, the ski gets twitchy and flighty, which is why we don't think it's the best option for someone who wants to cover the whole mountain. That said, this ski certainly nails the pistes.

The rockered tip makes turn initiation a little easier and also aids in deeper snow - a quality that combined with a Titanium top plate makes the Blizzard Viva 770 an excellent proposition for someone looking for a first ski with which they can take their technique up to the next level.

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