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We head to Pila to test drive Dynastar's Speedzone 4x4 78 skis.
dynastar speedzone 4x4
All Mountain
Best for
The softness means it falls apart on ice or hardpack off piste
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Its ability to excel at moderate speeds on resort terrain

The Dynastar 4x4 series features both the Speedzone 4x4 and the Intense 4x4, blending the best technologies from both the Legend and Speedzone Series.

The Speedzone 4x4 has become popular among intermediate skiers for facilitating rapid improvement and increasing performance. With a waist that's just wide enough to offer a little float in powder but more importantly (for this ostensibly piste focused ski) narrow enough to carve with precision.

Rather than having to work this ski hard though, precision comes easily thanks to a lightweight core and reduced tip and tail which makes turning a breeze.

Confidence inspiring dampening and a forgiving flex pattern pushes the ski further into the progressing intermediate envelope - it feels very accommodating when you're pushing your limits and trying to increase carving speeds - as long as those limits are still at comparatively low speeds. An advanced skier would find the Speedzone rather flappy at the top end.

A turn radius of 14m (dependent on which length ski you purchase) offers quick edge to edge response, which is ideal for slow to medium speed turns.

If you're looking to carve out long, precise, powerful GS turns then this most definitely is not the ski for you, similarly if you're venturing into the powder a lot look elsewhere. But for aspiring intermediate piste cruisers looking for a ski to improve their short and medium radius turns on the Speedzone 4x4 78 is a good value option.

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