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The Head Collective feels like it will be one of the talked about skis of 2013-14 and scored well in the freeride category during our on snow test. Happiest ripping through deep powder at high speeds but capable of pulling back a bit for that ride home at the end of the day. 

head collective 2013 ski
Advanced, Expert
Big Mountain, Freeride
Best for
Having fun off-piste in deep powder snow and also cruising home on a groomed run afterwards. Advanced to expert skiers who like to push the boundaries.
171, 181, 191
Low speed
High speed
Overall Score

Another awesome Freeride ski that matches up to the very best in this category.

Consistently high scores on all terrain including powder, bumps and groomed runs makes it one of our favourites for this coming winter.

It’s easy to turn, feels stable at high speeds, feels light under foot and produces short or long radius turns depending on what you ask them to do.

It’s listed as a ski for experts, which is understandable because expert skiers will enjoy them and they are happy to be pushed hard. But, there is no reason why a good recreational skier looking to start exploring more of the mountain and ski off-piste couldn't handle them.

A great all round ski that can pretty much deal with all conditions. 

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