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The iKonic 80Ti are billed as expert skis for frontside all mountain riding - how did they perform during our 2017 on-snow test?
k2 ikonic 80ti
All Mountain, Piste
Best for
Expert skiers looking for all-mountain perfection with a strong piste element
156, 163, 170, 177, 184
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Versatility and power all over the mountain
Gets a little jittery at the very highest speeds - especially with larger skiers

The K2 iKonic 80Ti is one of those skis that doesn't quite know where it sits on the rack - are they on-piste machines or all-mountain tools? In this case, it doesn't really matter because they do the job in both counts with distinction.

With an 80mm waist they are limited if you're looking to have a blast on a big powder day, but they handle themselves incredibly well on those occasions when an overnight twenty centimetres makes that glade in-between the pistes too tempting to ignore.

Where they really excel is pretty much everywhere else on the mountain - hard pack groomed slopes, moguls, chopped up crud, slushy snow - they just eat it all up and then ask for more, but unlike Oliver Twist, they absolutely love what's put in front of them and certainly won't get banished for wanting extra's.

They are powerful skis and unless you're right on your game and have the kind of technical skills to handle them, you just won't get the most from your day. They don't mind a lighter, skilful skier though - so a smaller guy should appreciate their responsiveness.

Because the edge hold is so good, the turns feel so smooth, the skis feel so solid, you start to relax a little bit - don't! Turn up the volume, power up the aggression and blast your way all over the mountain, the K2 iKonic 80 Ti will love you all the more for it.

Good value all-mountain skis with a serious side for expert skiers only.

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