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The new Pinnacle 85 from K2 are designed as entry level all mountain skis that are also ideal for younger freeriders - let's check out how the Snow Team got on with them in Kuhtai.
k2 pinnacle 2
Advanced, Recreational
All Mountain
Best for
Versatile, fun and poppy ski for intermediates and young freeriders that handles all terrain well
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
The ease of turn and playful nature
Doesn't like speed

The new lightweight Pinnacle 85 from K2 targets intermediate skiers looking to push their own boundaries away from the groomed runs to enjoy variable terrain all over the mountain. Whilst many skis in this category feel like they are simply a lower range model made wider to cope with off-piste conditions, the Pinnacle 85 doesn't - we enjoyed the ride very much.

One of the reasons for that is the playful nature experienced through every turn, so easy and responsive, they make skiing on groomed slopes fun, especially in softer snow conditions. They are not an 'ice cracker', and although perfectly capable of holding a decent edge grip, they really shine when the snow is chopped up, slushy, bumpy and yes, powdery.

Not full on freeride skis, they are limited at speed in deeper powder snow conditions, but for smaller skiers - for example, teenagers who are starting to get into the world of freeride skiing, they are ideal. For lighter weight intermediate grownups who want a forgiving ski to take them beyond their usual comfort zone then they present excellent value for money and won't let you down on piste or in the powder.

The only time we do feel let down down is at higher speeds on groomed slopes when they start to flap around at the tip. To be expected with a ski this light and for what they're designed for. Perfect for all mountain fun, especially good in moguls, great for those boot top powder snow dives off the side of the piste and aspiring, young freeride skiers that need a ski to develop their skills across the mountain on.

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