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Kästle has a reputation for building top-notch skis, so would the FX95 HP continue that trend in the competitive all mountain category? Our reviewers put them to the test in Kuhtai.
kaestle fx95 hp
All Mountain
Best for
Skiers who can do it all needing a ski that will let them do it.
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Stronger and more stable than a Theresa May election speech.
A handful for less advanced skiers, with a hefty price tag.

Kästle hasn't meddled much with the FX95 HP since last year, toning down the blue-black topsheet to a more subdued aqua-black and making the skis available in a 157cm length, adding to the 165, 173, 181 and 189 options.

The FX95 HP remains a ski designed with accomplished and strong all-mountain riders in mind, built using an energetic ash and silver fir wood core and two sheets of stiff titanal.

The distinctive cut-out elliptical hollow in the tips are the longest that Kästle build into any of its skis. This HollowTech design reduces swing weight and helps dampen vibrations - in essence giving you skis that are easier to turn yet super stable.

Kästle's designers have a collective bee in their bonnet about vibration and the FX95 HP benefits further from a rubber dampening strip next to the steel edge and ABS sidewall.

There's enough rocker in that lightened nose for good float in softer snow, although the FX95 HP isn't the floatiest among rival all-mountain skis of similar width.

But generally those other skis aren't able to match the FX95 HP on hardpack, as you lay them down on their side and magically create two trenches behind you in the snow.

They can be unforgiving to skiers not at the level to get the best out of them. However, the HP stands for 'high performance' and a non-HP version is available if you don't fancy the full-on beast.

The FX95 HP is a study in aggressive performance, stability and durability, while still retaining a welcome agility. All this does come at a price, however, and while you get what you pay for, Kästle's are not within everyone's budget.

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