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The new version of the BMX 115 from Kastle Skis is a true big mountain machine for expert skiers and we took them for a ride during our 2015 on snow ski test.

kastle bmx115 2015 ski test
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Pro freeride skiers and aspirants alike wanting to blast on a powder day
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Kastle have been through some changes during the last ten years and they have re-built their reputation as a quality brand for discerning freeriders who demand trust from their skis.

When you ride the BMX 115 you immediately get a sense that they've got something right at Kastle. It was the first time the team at Snow Magazine officially tested this ski and we had an absolute blast.

By nature, big mountain skis are aimed at experts - who else is going to ride at speed down uncontrolled areas of the mountain in search of the ultimate lines? Despite this, the BMX 115 is highly accessible and incredibly easy to turn, meaning that aspiring freeride skiers could jump aboard and learn their craft without hindrance.

As you'd imagine, in deep powder (and we were lucky enough to have some), they blast through it with ease - poppy, lively and light, the BMX 115 takes fun in powder to a new level and who'd think that was ever possible?

But they're not a one trick pony. Amazingly, get them onto the groomed stuff and they carve a smooth turn at speed and even let you play with short, snappy turns that feel almost as easy popping off your beer cap at the end of the day.

We believe they would suit both lighter and heavier skiers too.

Yes, they are not cheap, but for any serious freeride skier looking for a true big mountain ski with the kind of versatility you'd normally expect from a narrower model, the BMX 115 should be at the very top of your list.

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