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The name says it all – Nordica’s Dobermann Spitfire is an aggressive beast of a ski that wants to hunt down the hardest of snow packs and carve it up with ruthless efficiency. It demands attention and won’t compromise for riders who won’t, or can't give it what it wants – power and technique.

nordica dobermann spitfire
Best for
Expert skiers who like to carve out fast turns on-piste
152, 160, 168, 176
Low speed
High speed
Overall Score

This is a ski that growls at every turn, takes no prisoners and will always come out the winner – dumping you in the process should you decide to switch to auto-pilot at any time.

But apply yourself, and the Spitfire is powerful into the turn with a smooth transition into the next.
Scoring top marks for edge hold, short and long radius turns and high speed turns – this was one of the highest overall scoring skis in the piste category on our test.

It does demand attention though, and this means strong skiers with good technique only.  The Spitfire doesn't enjoy turning at low speeds either and it is decidedly a groomed slope animal.
This is one for skiers who demand a high performance ski that’s one below a full-on race model. If this is what you're looking for, the Dobermann Spitfire will prove to be your best friend.

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