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The Rossignol Experience 84 HD are classic all-mountain skis aimed at strong intermediate to advanced riders. We take them for a spin during our 2017 on snow test in Austria to see how well they perform.
rossignol experience 84 hd
All Mountain
Best for
Recreational to advanced skiers looking to explore the front side of the mountain in all conditions
Edge hold
Turn initiation
Overall Score
Impressive versatility and confidence boosting performance
Very little we genuinely struggled to find faults

For a traditional ski manufacturer like Rossignol, producing innovative products that stand up against some of the more 'funky' brands out there must remain a challenge, but somehow they pull it off - think Soul 7. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised by that when you consider the people and resources the Grenoble based company have.

The Experience 84 is about as middle of the road you can get - the name, the 84mm width, the colour scheme and the type of skier they're designed for; upper end recreational skier who wants to explore the whole mountain.

But like the majority of 'ordinary' people, when you scratch underneath the surface there's nothing ordinary about them at all - we think the same goes for the Experience 84 HD.

Rossignol really seem to have produced the perfect all-mountain tool - carving like a dream on groomed slopes and slicing through the softer stuff with ease. Of course their limitations are apparent when ramping things up at high-speeds in deeper powder snow, but that's not what they are designed for - what they are perfectly happy with is floating through the deep stuff at a moderate pace, with decent floatation that provides stability and confidence boosting enjoyment.

One of the most impressive qualities of these skis is the balance through the turn, neither over, nor under steering. Apply pressure progressively through the turn and they respond accordingly. No, they won't ski for you but they're about as close as you can get to skis that can.

With a £515 price tag including bindings and considering how versatile they are, we rate them as one of the best value skis on the market - who would they suit? Intermediate skiers looking to explore the whole mountain and possibly get into off-piste skiing, advanced skiers who want a versatile, fun and un-demanding tool to play with on the snow and even instructors who need a ski that does it all.

So if you think that the Experience 84 HD might come across as a little ordinary then think again, scratch underneath the surface and discover to your surprise, like ours, that truly remarkable skis are certainly not middle of the road at all - are you experienced?

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