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The X-Drive range from Salomon provides its all-mountain offering with the 8.3 model sitting bang in the middle - tried and tested by our on-snow test team in Kuhtai, Austria
salomon x drive
Advanced, Expert
All Mountain
Best for
Advanced to expert skiers who like to carve up the whole mountain
162,169,176, 183
Overall Score

Maybe you're looking for something solid and reliable, that perhaps on the face of it appears to be somewhat ordinary - somehow you like it but you're not sure why. Then with time, you discover certain qualities that surprise you and even delight you. But you're glad you stuck it out because now you're ready to commit. The Salomon X-Drive would have been an enjoyable one-day ski, but it's more that - this ski has long-term relationship written all over it and you're hooked.

We have always liked the X-Drive range and they are still holding up in the all-mountain category a couple of years after they first launched.

For an advanced skier who mostly sticks to the groomed runs, likes to carve smooth, long radius turns at all speeds but then feels the need to jump into the powder when it's available, the X-Drive is ideal. But it is also forgiving enough to allow less experienced skiers who want to progress to higher technical levels the chance to improve without making life difficult.

The X-Drive is a decent all-rounder, fun to use in all conditions and holds an edge extremely well on hard pack snow. It is happy to chunk through any choppy stuff that gets in the way too, making it one of the most versatile skis out there - ideal too for ski instructors teaching mixed ability levels.

The full wood core backed up with several composite elements and Salomon's All Terrain Rocker 2.0, that comes along with the XT12 binding, makes for a marriage made in, well, ski-heaven.

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