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UK’s biggest ski operator launches free ski holiday-enhancing app
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Crystal Ski are releasing a new version of its free Ski Explorer app this winter. Designed as a pocket tool to help skiers and their friends to get the most of their skiing holiday, it introduces a number of new features.

These include a new Find my Friends feature which allows you to find your family and friends wherever they are on the mountain using the GPS function found on most smart phones.

This will be a godsend for groups wanting to ski on different pistes at different their own pace but still be able to meet up for lunch, say. The app does this by letting you create groups, connect to your friends and family, and see them marked on a piste map so you can work out where best to meet. You can also message or call them directly from the app.

In practice this function will mean having to connect to the internet, which until data roaming charges are banished across Europe in December 2015, could mean some expensive phone bills for a family of four trying to find each other on the slopes.

The app will also allow users to find ski routes recommended by Crystal’s expert resort teams and rated by skiers. Routes are simply explained with point-to-point details and maps. You will also be able to rate and share each run with friends or others.

The final new feature to the app, which was first launched in December 2013, is its improved tracking feature, which enables you to monitor and track distance covered as well as speed, altitude and duration, all shareable via Facebook.

All the features from the first version of the app have been retained, such as latest snow reports, piste and resort maps, GPS tracking and resort information.

The Ski Explorer app will be available in the Apple app store for iPhones and in Google Play for Android this winter. It’s free of charge and can be used by all skiers.