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This Saturday saw the ninth Nendaz Freeride finals, during which 54 of the world’s top riders put on a spectacular show, despite the small amount of snow, on the magnificent face of the Mont-Gond in full sun.

Category Ski Men

Theo Cheli (SUI)         82.67
Nicolas Salençon (ARG)        81.33
Eric Zeller (GER)         80.67

Theo Cheli (Switzerland) put in a magnificent performance.  He dazzled the public by linking 2 enormous rocky bars followed by a well-landed back-flip which gave him the top classification.
In 2nd position, Nicolas Salençon (Argentine), 18th of the Freeride World Tour, started his run with a 360 followed by several very well-positioned jumps.  His control and the fluidity of his style pleased the public and judges. Icing on the cake, Nicolas celebrates his birthday today.

With a very rapid run and four huge rocky bars, all well-landed, Eric Zeller (Germany) took the third place on the podium.

The Swiss Adrien Hildebrandt chose difficulties and an original line for his run, which gave him 5th place in the classification. Another Swiss at the departure of these finals, FlorentLeu of the Valais placed twelfth.

The highlyranked Julien Lopez, World Champion 2009 of the FWT and 3rd in 2010, was disqualified following a fall and a lost ski.


Category Snowboard Men

Johannes Schnitzer (GER)    83.33
Mickael Bimboes (FRA)        78.00
Joel Rouge (SUI)             74.33

The men snowboarders were the first to throw themselves onto the face of the Mont-Gond, and thus profit from the untouched snow.  Johannes Schnitzer (Germany) succeeded in exploiting the whole face, putting on a show with several freestyle jumps.  Thanks to a fluid and rapid line, he took the top step on the podium.

Second, thanks to a fluid run and perfectly controlled jumps, was Mickael Bimboes (France), who also qualified himself in the ski category where he finished fourth.

In third place was Joel Rouge, canton of Vaud, second of the Freeride World Qualifier 2012 general classification, who played on the right of the face and delivered a beautiful rocky bar, with a technical style and without the least hesitation.

Model of the 2015 poster, Mike Aeschbach, eight times finalist at the Nendaz Freeride, threw himself for the last time into this competition today. He arrived at the 12th place, with a very original line on the left of the face, but which unfortunately did not pay any higher dividends.


Category Ski Women

Evelina Nilsson (SWE)        79.33
Chloë Roux Mollard (FRA)    75.33
Nathalie Segal (AUS)        69.67

In the women’s ski clasification the podium was very tight. First-placed Evelina Nilsson distanced herself from her co-team mates by demonstrating a beautiful technique, in particular during her two rocky bar jumps.  She was followed very closely by the Chloë Roux Mollard (France), who astonished the public by performing a super grand cliff. The Third to step onto the podium was Nathalie Segal (Australia), thanks to her rapid run and a fine jump at the end of the race.

With regrets, Maude Besse of the Valais, aged 19, was classified in 6th place with 60.00 points after a very technical and rapid run.


Category Snowboard Women

Mikaela Hollsten (FIN)    75.33
Anna Orlova (RUS)    70.00
Tiphanie Perrotin( FRA)    58.00

The women snowboarders all threw themselves onto the right of the face where the snow remained powdery at the beginning of the afternoon, in order to guarantee runs of the best quality.

Mikaela Hollsten (Finland), who was classified first in the qualifications of Friday 13th March, took first place today with a very rapid run and three beautiful, well-posed jumps. She was followed by Anna Orlova (Russia), second due to her beautiful jump. In  third place, Tiphanie Perrotin (France), put an original and highly technical line to good use.

To score the riders, Nendaz Freeride was able to count on the international experience of the judges:  the Slovak Monika Tatarkova, the Spaniard Raul Diez, and the Swiss Head Judge, Florian Buhler.

You can see and re-see this qualifer round live and complete, on