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‘The First Day of Summer’ is a film that takes an intimate look at splitboarding in the Icelandic wilderness and the motivation behind seeking out adventure. 

new film shows the adventure of splitboarding

The film, created by Zak Emerson and Pete Coombs, is the first in a trilogy that follows the UK based ‘Grizzly Splitboard Club’ on their travels as they tackle the nature of isolation, putting oneself at risk and striving to find adventure through splitboarding expeditions. 

‘The First Day of Summer’ is narrated by Pete Coombs, one of our senior writers at Snow. He's been all over the world with the magazine and gives readers the lowdown on the best place to find adventure on the slopes. However, in this film he takes a more personal approach and explores his own reasons for leaving civilisation behind and splitboarding in Iceland’s remote far north. He explains how he finds freedom in the feeling of immersion in the wilderness and extreme isolation; something that just isn’t the same on a groomed piste. 

The film offers an in-depth look at the reasoning behind seeking out danger and what reconnecting with nature can do for you. The film is a must-see with a powerful message and set against some spectacular scenery. It was featured in all the major international adventure film festivals such as the Aviemore Adventure Festival and the Banff Mountain Film and Book Festival, so we’re not the only ones who think so. 

As the next films in the trilogy are released, they will extend these ideas and explore how group camaraderie affects danger and isolation. With the added dimension of amazing filming locations such as Norway and Canada (featuring the surprise appearance of a grizzly bear), they’re definitely going to be worth watching. Check out ‘The First Day of Summer’ below!

The First Day of Summer from Grizzly Spiltboard Club on Vimeo.


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