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Who is the man behind the goggles, and where does he come from?

candide thovex few words

‘The man behind the goggles’ seldom speaks in public, and never in any of his films - where he’s always hidden behind a buff and those trademark goggles. ‘Few Words’ tells the rise, fall and rise again of (in our opinion) the best all round skier the world has ever seen, Candide Thovex.

Starting out with his days of mogul skiing and his progression to freestyle, ‘Few Words’ takes the viewer on a journey through Candide’s childhood using video footage. 

In his adolescence we see his determination to throw down an inverted spin on the 120 foot ‘Chads Gap’ in Alta, which pushed the boundaries of freestyle to a new level. There’s also a lovely homage to the influence of snowboarding on his style. 

Candide then goes on to win the X-Games, before breaking his back on the infamous ‘Big Bertha’ jump. Many thought his career was over, only for Candide to make a powder come-back, leaving the park behind and heading into the back country; ultimately winning the World Freeride Tour.

‘Few Words’ is a joy to watch for anyone who has followed Candide’s journey as much as it is for those who’ve never heard of him, as Candide should be a household name - and not just in skiing households!

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