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Celebrated photographer and film maker, Guido Perrini takes a questioning look at the very real risk involved in making cutting edge mountain documentaries.

With starting quotes of “It’s off!” and “Then something bad happened” this beautiful but haunting film tracks Guido and many of the world’s best skiers and snowboarders around the globe: discussing risk, sponsorship pressures and that inner voice that questions, after twenty years of shooting the world’s top winter athletes, if the risks are really worth it.

In 2008 Guido made the introspective film ‘Ten’, and promised to make a follow up if he was still working ten years later. ‘Twenty’ is that film, and terrifyingly, many of the riders from Ten have died in the mountains in the last ten years.  

Xavier De Le Rue (possibly the world’s best extreme snowboarder) talks of loss, and sums it up: “It’s hard to look at the mountains and still love what you do, not to feel resentment.” Yet all the riders, alongside Guido himself, can’t break that bond - and still return to the high peaks every winter.

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