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This weekend will see a free showing of Travis Rice’s hotly anticipated snowboard movie ‘The Fourth Phase’.
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After the hit success of Travis’ last film ‘The Art of Flight’ The Fourth Phase is one of the most hotly anticipated snowsports movies of the decade. With stories of the release running in mainstream media as well as ski and snowboard specific news websites Travis Rice is quickly becoming somewhat of a household name.

The movie is available to stream in full and for free for one time only on Red Bull TV at 9pm on Sunday 2nd October. If you miss out or want to watch the film again you’ll be able to buy it on DVD, Blu-Ray, iTunes, Google Play, and most digital storefronts from October 3rd.

Red Bull TV is available online at, as an app or through smart TV devices.


About The Fourth Phase

Inspired by the hydrological cycle, iconic snowboarder Travis Rice and his team embark on a 16,000 mile journey to some of the most dreamlike landscapes around the North Pacific, discovering more than just new terrain.

Travis has been interested in the flow of water in the North Pacific for years and was inspired to find a way to be a part of the system rather than working against it.

With the Fourth Phase, the team set an ambitious goal of immersing themselves completely in this journey. Following the flow of water, this film goes beyond snowboarding action to offer viewers a story that awakens new ways of looking at nature...and ourselves.

The Fourth Phase will premiere on Red Bull TV on October 2nd at 9pm


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