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We test the latest POV wannabe action camera, the Activeon CX to see how well it can take on the entry-level GoPro.
activeon cca10w action cam cx
Overall Score
Fantastic entry-level camera

Firstly the Activeon is £25 cheaper than the basic GoPro Hero. On top of this it also boasts a 2in LCD screen allowing you to properly compose your shots and review your captured footage. In terms of image capture, It has the same size sensor as the basic GoPro allowing for 5mp photos (including a time lapse feature) and even has a wider lens aperture to reduce image blur when in low light or moving fast.

The Activeon also films in the same 1080p at 30fps as well as 720p at 60fps for 'slow-mo action sequences' and has four field of view options from super-wide to narrow, plus up to x4 digital zoom on top - stick to x1 zoom on super-wide or wide for best results.

Other features include a myriad of effects and colour settings as well as 'night/sports' modes for improving gain in low light and 'aqua' for correcting the colour (white balance) when filming under water.

This new POV camera looks, weighs and feels very similar to a GoPro and the waterproof housing is even compatible with GoPro fixings - it fits on our drone!

To maximise mounting options the camera has a built-in, standard-sized tripod mount underneath, plus it's possible to customize the CX via a choice of six different coloured faceplates.

Additional features include built-in WiFi (and app) to connect with your mobile device in order to control the camera remotely, and an HDMI output to connect to a TV. Battery life is certainly reasonable and is waterproof (in the included waterproof housing) to 60 metres.

In use we found that the image contrast is slightly heavy but saturation is good. If shooting indoors, make sure the area is very well lit. If outdoors and shooting in a very bright area on a sunny day (such a ski slope) we found it best to manually turn down the EV setting to reduce the risk of 'burn' in bright, reflective areas.

Overall, if you're an amateur when it comes to cameras but are keen to start capturing the action on your adventures, this is a fantastic entry-level option and a step-up (at a cheaper price!) from the basic GoPro Hero.


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