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We put Smith's Squad goggles to the test to see how this reasonably priced, traditional looking goggle performs
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Overall Score
Excellent peripheral vision
Quite plain 'old skool' design may not suit everyone

The Squad's huge cyclindrical lens provides superb lateral and vertical vision - among the best on test - and the moulded 'carbonic-x' material that Smith uses in the lens construction is also tough and scratch resistant enough to withstand heavy use.

A particularly good feature of the Squad's lens is its 'Fog-X' lens treatment, which employs a hydrophilic, micro-etched surface to absorb moisture and disperse it over a wide surface area to prevent fogging. Because this is physically carved into the lens, it can't be wiped away like some anti-fog coatings.

The Squad also features Smith's 'Tapered Lens Technology', which works to provide excellent vision by correcting light refraction which can cause visual distortion and eye fatigue.

Although the face foam used on the Squad is only two-layer it's still very, very comfortable, whether you're wearing a helmet or not (the goggles are, of course, helmet compatible), and this is further assisted by the ultra-wide, silicone backed strap, which sits comfortably on your head if not wearing a helmet. Another advantage of the thinner two-layer foam is that it helps to give a wider field of vision both laterally and horizontally.

The relatively minimalist and simple design of the goggles is quite appealing, as is the price, which makes the Squad goggles one of the least expensive on test.

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