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We test the Julbo Universe goggles to see if its 'Minimalist Frame Concept' can create maximal field of vision benefits.
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Overall Score
Minimalist frame concept maximises field of vision very effectively

 A lot of current goggle designs are pretty bulky and extend a good way from your face - not so the Julbo Universe which has been designed 'to give less frame, more vision', and it certainly felt considerably slimmer than any of the other models we tested.

The Universe uses 'Julbo's Minimalist Frame Concept' to offer the maximum field of vision from any angle, so that peripheral vision both laterally and vertically is indeed excellent.

The anatomically designed frame is very flexible, which aids with comfort as it allows it to mould to the shape of your face, and the goggles' dual thickness foam strikes a good balance between softness, comfort and slimness.

The Universe has a fixed lens, but fret not - the spherical, ventilated Zebra or Cameleon lens options that are available are photochromatic, so will adjust to changing light conditions (we used a Zebra lens for most of last season and found it to be pretty much one lens for all conditions). The Zebra lens in the Universe also proved to be very light, optically perfect and virtually unbreakable.

If you're looking for a low profile pair of goggles (in both senses of the word, as the design isn't excessively 'blingy') the Universe is well worth checking out, and is our favourite pair of goggles simply because of how utilitarian and effective it is.

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