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Part of Hestra's 'Alpine Pro' range, the Leather Fall Line Mitt is designed to be used and abused and put to the test in the harshest environments; which is exactly what we did.

hestra leather fall line mitt
Overall Score
Bomber construction and stunning retro good looks
Sizing (via Hestra's online guide) is slightly on the large side

Hestra's Alpine Pro range is aimed at professionals who demand the best from their equipment and expect it to last. Judging by the overall quality feel of the Leather Fall Line Mitt, it is set to pass those tests; the cowhide leather seems super-strong and likely to improve with age. It is waterproofed and backed by Bamberg polyester to aid wicking, and insulated with a fibrefill.

In use the Leather Fall Line Mitt is immediately comfortable - the finger sleeves inside help to hold the shape of the mitt (without this, some mitts tend to move around a lot on the hand) and the lining is soft and warms up quickly.

The finger sleeves also help with a feeling of dexterity - obviously you can't perform any fiddly tasks in mitts, but they do make you feel less like an incapable child and promote a more secure grip on ski poles for example!

The insulation seems to be effective, but it must be pointed out these are not the warmest mitts on the market - and neither are they intended to be. But certainly warm enough for all but the most foul conditions.

Hestra's online sizing chart may suggest a larger glove size than you're used to, but in this case that could be a bonus - a thin liner glove worn against the skin will boost warmth and also keep your fingers warm if you need to remove the mitts for performing fiddly tasks.

We have to mention the pure beauty of the leather and the 70s biker styling that Hestra have subtly brought to this mitt. For me, that alone is worth the price tag, but with all of Hestra's heritage and know-how thrown in to boot, these are a great buy!

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