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An action camera with a twist, the One X2 follows the well trodden path of other popular action cameras but adds 360 photo and video.

Insta360 ONE X2
Overall Score
The most fun we've had with an action cam
Options can be daunting at first

Insta360 are one of the pioneers of 360 action cameras and their latest One X2 takes the format to the next level.

Outline specs show that the One X2 compares well with the new GoPro Hero 10, offering 5.3K video, advanced stabilisation and waterproofing to 10m, all to be expected at this price point. Perhaps the only area it lags the Hero 10 is in photography where its 18.4 MP camera bows to the superior 23 MP of the Hero 10. And this is important, because, while the Hero 10 is ostensibly a video camera the One X2 takes 360 photos that can easily be shared on social media, a feature which we love to use. As expected for a pocket action camera the image quality isn’t pro level, but more advanced users can capture images in RAW (dng) format for editing later. There is a bit of noise evident in both images and video, especially in lower light situations but the noise can mostly be edited out and isn’t really noticeable on a smartphone, which is where most of the footage will realistically be viewed.

One feature we particularly like is the ability to film in 360 and then edit a standard, non-360 video using all the different angles available to you, with auto removal of the selfie stick it looks like you had a full film crew following you down the mountain. There are also a ton of guides on the app that walk you through capturing fun footage like tiny planet, clone trail and fake FPV shots and then help you edit it all together with an AI editor.

The One X2 feels fairly robust with a plastic body and rubberised sides which are easy to grip. The front and rear fisheye lenses are a little exposed, but the soft neoprene case can easily be popped over the camera to protect them. The battery compartment is a tad fiddly to open and the SD card is a right faff to remove from the device, only minor gripes but they could surely be ironed out with a few simple design changes.

Battery life rivals that of the Hero 10, the 1630mAh capacity gives you about 2 hours of use. Extra batteries are available for about £30 if you want the option to film for longer.

Overall, we had a lot of fun filming with the One X2. The app is a cinch to use and guides you through the myriad creative opportunities available to you with 360 video. The body is robust enough for action sports use and the fact that the camera slides into your pocket is a massive bonus. Pair it with Insta360’s wacky accessories, like the Unicorn Helmet Mount and you have an action cam that packs a serious punch.

Head to Insta360 for all the latest offers.

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