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We review the Julbo Aerospace goggle to test the promise of a revolution in design for those who ski uphill as well as down
julbo aerospace goggles
Overall Score
The definitive solution to lens fog
Slightly restricted field of vision, fiddly to use

This is clearly one of those 'why did nobody think of it before' moments. Julbo have designed the Aerospace goggle with a hinged lens that levers away from the frame to create a venting gap all the way around. So simple - and effective - we can't believe it doesn't already exist.

But does it work? In terms of keeping the lens fog-free we've never seen any design more effective. It's that simple.

A slight irritant is that the mechanism is fiddly to use, especially with gloves on.

Julbo are marketing this design to ski tourers, on the premise that it can be used on the uphill as effectively as on the down, essentially making sunglasses redundant. In terms of lens-fog this is true, and the addition of photochromic lenses - which adapt their UV protection levels according to the light conditions, from category 1-3 or category 2-4 - means you don't need to carry an extra lens or fiddle around switching lenses.

But there is another consideration for those on the up: No venting system can prevent sweating where the foam around the frame contacts the skin. So on particularly warm climbs there may still be reason to pack sunglasses.

Even with this small caveat, this is a superb product and an ingeniously simple design.

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