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We review one of Julbo's key, do-it-all sunglasses - the Stony - on the mountain and beyond
julbo stony
Overall Score
Multi-use, stylish and great value - what's not to like?
If we were hyper-critical, there is very slight distortion in the lens

Julbo's Stony sunglasses - with the category 3 Spectron lens - are a great all-rounder. The category 3 rating, at first glance, appears overstated, as it doesn't seem to block as much light as it should. But this is not a problem for a model which needs to be useful in a variety of conditions.

On the skin track, however, the Stony performed brilliantly; high-altitude, glaciated terrain and pure sunshine ought to be a test for a cat 3 lens, but I didn't find myself squinting at all, and the lenses retain a nice bright view of the world.

The fit is superb - comfortable without being noticeable. This is quite a feat for a reviewer with a big nose, but the shaping and the firm grip of the arms meant I didn't feel any slippage whether plodding up or hurtling down. And all the while the coverage of the relatively small lenses is complete.

I've also tested this model on UK singletrack, where it's versatility was confirmed. If I was to find any fault whatsoever it would be a very slight distortion in the shadows - some kind of colour fringing, which is so minor it's hard to put your finger on, but nevertheless could be a bit distracting when you've got your head down, pedalling.

But that's being very picky. Look at the price tag, and then look at the build quality. The Stony sunglasses are worth every penny and more!

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