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A fixed lens framed goggle is a rare thing these days but can Julbo's Universe still perform out on the slopes?
julbo universe zebra light yellow
Overall Score
The simplicity of a photochromic lens
Maybe look a little old fashioned against frameless designs

Julbo's Universe goggles come with a photochromic lens suitable for category 1 to 3 light conditions which is pretty much a catch all for most skiers. The lenses aren't interchangeable but being photochromic they shouldn't really need to be, and the option of a cat 2 to 4 lens is available if you're planning on extended periods of high altitude use in bright sunshine.

Photochromic lenses get darker or lighter to match changing light conditions which is a pleasant way to ski as you don't have the hassle of changing lenses - or trying to understand what all the different lens tints mean - every time the weather turns. The Universe goggles are quick to cycle all the way from one end of their tint to another, about 0.3 seconds to be exact so you don't usually notice this happening when you're out on the slopes.

A super flexible frame and lens allows the Universe to conform well to most face shapes making them comfortable to wear despite very little contouring at the bridge of the nose. Field of vision is uninterrupted by the clean lines of the frame, in fact they easily rival the frameless designs on test.

Overall these are one of our standout goggles of the season as they marry simple convenience with a good price and stellar performance out on the slopes.

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