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Glasses wearers will appreciate this effort from Cebe which allow you to comfortably wear your optics under the frame of the goggles.
cebe exo otg skigoggles
Overall Score
Great fit with glasses
Foam isn't the most comfortable

As the name suggests Cebe's Exo OTG goggles are optimised for use with glasses and we must say they work rather well, with little to no interference between the goggles and glasses and a comfortable fit. From time to time we felt the need to adjust our specs and this was easily done by pulling off the magnetic lens allowing you enough access to adjust at will. You get a wide field of vision which is pretty much uninterrupted and there's good ventilation which helps to prevent fogging of both goggles and glasses. These goggles are reasonably comfortable, and they conform well to the face, but we found the foam a little too soft, not providing enough cushioning from the frame below.

Sunny and flat light conditions are catered for through the included Cat 1 and Cat 3 lenses and swapping is so easy there's no reason not to take them both out with you. Overall, if you're wearing glasses out on the slopes then these are a great option to go for.

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