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We review the Leatherman Skeletool SX, a futuristic-looking multi-tool designed for snowboarders with a 420HC stainless steel blade

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Overall Score
Great snowboard specific tools

The Skeletool is a stripped-down, lightweight multi-tool from Leatherman, with modern, minimalist looks hiding a well-thought-out selection of useful tools. The Skeletool is specifically aimed at snowboarders but is equally at home on a camping trip. It has a machined, fit-for-purpose look with weight saving cut-outs exposing the tools inside.

The main event inside the Skeletool is its razor sharp 6.2cm 420HC stainless steel blade which locks firmly in place when open – a function which gives you piece of mind when you’re putting the knife under cutting pressure. To unlock you simply press down on the small sprung lever and fold back in.

The Skeletool also comes equipped with the ubiquitous Leatherman pliers complete with wire cutting section, these work well for general tweaking of gear and can take some serious abuse. The bit driver is reversible, as standard it comes with a PH2 and PH1 bit, you can buy extra bits from Leatherman but for use on snowboards these are ideal and they're tough enough to take decent cranking pressure. The vital bottle opener has a neat sprung clip on it so that you can use it as a karabiner to hook the tool to bags, coats, trousers or the wall of your chalet. On the outside a diamond coated file, which we've successfully used to file away annoying edge nicks and for a quick edge tune, completes the purposeful, grungy look.

The well-thought out minimalist design and cut-outs lead to a reasonable weight of 142g so you'll barely feel it in your pocket.

Overall, the Skeletool is a lovely thing to have, with a great weight in the hand and a well-selected range of useful tools, it's one of our favourite multi-tools, not just for snowboarding but for all manner of outdoor uses.

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