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We review the Lucky Bums Ski Harness, a starter training aid to get kids out on the slopes
lucky bums ski trainer
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Giving you and your child the confidence to get out on the slopes
Lucky Bums specialise in designing and producing kid specific outdoor gear. The Lucky Bums Kids Ski Harness is an innovative product that we’ve never seen one before here in the Snow office, created to help your child take their first steps towards skiing unaided on the slopes.

The product borrows from the design of the de facto kid’s harness but adds some clever additions to enable it to be used on the slopes.

It comes neatly packaged in a backpack style bag which zips up to a small, easily portable size. The harnesses then unpacks from the backpack once it's on the child’s back. The parent then walks or skis along behind the child holding the reigns, allowing them to stay in control and assist where needed.

The pack has a large, sturdy strap attached to the top which we found very handy for lifting our child up after he took the inevitable tumble or two. Although this might sound like a trivial addition, in reality it saves you from the ordeal of trying to get right under your child to lift them up with skis or a snowboard strapped to your own feet!

In use we found that the system worked well, giving us the confidence to take our toddler out on the slopes without fear of him careering off out of control. It also gave him extra confidence knowing that we were there to catch him if he fell, even if this wasn’t necessarily the case.
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