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Designed to provide durability, comfort and ease of use for all-day explorations the Explore’s build quality is second to none.

revo explore
Overall Score
Excellent quality, user-friendly for first timers or experts
Quite pricey

They combine the power of perimeter steel traction walls with the durability and torsional flex of plastic and perform well in pretty much any conditions, even off-trail. You get great grip, especially as they let you keep a natural foot position on traverses, climbs and descents.

They feature MSR's new HyperLink binding with an efficient two-strap ratchet system which pairs with an easy-entry cradle – it’s easy to use even with gloved hands and the two-strap design eliminates pressure points on the foot for all-day comfort and, above all, security.

The Revo Explore isn’t too heavy given its size and the materials used, and for someone like me who dabbles with the sport these are perfect snowshoes as well as being more than adequate for those who take their snowshoe action more seriously.

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