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The Fall Line on test is one of Oakley's primo snow goggles that wraps your eyes in top quality, distortion-free shades of pink to iridium orange.

oakley fall line prizm
Overall Score
We liked the style, the excellent lens clarity, definition in low light and all day comfort. It just roars quality.
The Ridgelock lens removal system although solid, is fiddlier than some to work out. Replacement lenses are expensive at £80

Oakley's snowsports eyewear range is mind-gogglingly huge with more colour and lens options that at times can feel a bit over the top. It can be difficult to know where to begin so let us simplify it a bit for you. Reach for the Fall Line Prizm range - a system that produces clarity of vision, partnered with unprecedented levels of light transmission. You won't regret it.

The Fall Line's Prizm HDO lens exceeds standards for impact resistance and quality and are an optically correct cylindrical rimless lens with a good anti fog coating. Gone are the days of distortion and flare. The lenses in the range are easily interchangeable using the solid Ridgelock pattern and they all increase the contract range you can see and highlight the slightest variation in the snow surface.

The Oakley Prizm lens series and the Fall Line frameset is a top-end quality snowsports goggle from a company that remains at the cutting edge of technical development and style with a large lens range to suit all conditions. The Hi Pink Iridium lens we tested is a great mid to low level light lens, suitable for all but the very brightest of days.

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