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This cleverly designed stretchy phone holder from PhoneHug is compatible with all modern smart phones without hampering any functionality and comes in a variety of vibrant colours.
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Overall Score
Simple but effective phone security
An adjustable lanyard would have made it perfect

The pack includes a Neoprene lanyard which is lightweight, weatherproof and strong, yet has some give, along with a karabiner giving you the option of wearing it around your neck or attaching it to a belt buckle. At first this seems slightly long but then you realise it’s exactly long enough to reach your ear while still attached to your belt.

The PhoneHug itself is made of tough but very flexible silicone which grips any smartphone up to 80mm wide, removing the fear of dropping or losing those valuable life-lines!

This simple but effective piece of gear makes for a great gift, suitable for use anywhere from the urban jungle to the Amazon jungle!


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