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Basic, effective but damn good value, we review the Rockferry goggles from Roxy.
roxy rockferry
Overall Score
Superb value and great looks
Not The most technically advanced of goggles

Basic but effective is how we'd describe the Rockferry goggles, with a distinct lack of acronyms in the spec sheet. What they do have though is comfortable polar fleece lined foam which sits well on slimmer faces and a reasonable field of vision, although you can see some frame in the periphery. The lenses are decent for a variety of conditions, there isn't much info readily available on the Roxy/Quicksilver Colour Luxe technology, but we think the standard lens with rose tint on test does a good job of highlighting terrain and protecting your eyes from glare across a wide range of light conditions. There's a little less ventilation than most, but the anti-fog double lens construction deals with any fog that does build up well enough. Some will love, some will hate the classic Roxy look which pairs vibrant colours with floral patterns, but we love it and feel that it adds to the overall aesthetic, making these goggles a great looking, good value option for regular skiers and boarders not looking to splurge too much hard-earned on new kit.

Overall, a great looking, great value option for regular skiers and boarders who don't want to splurge too much hard-earned money on new kit.

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